Nature and science behind babies’ digestion

At the time of its birth, a baby’s digestive system has not yet reached maturity and is therefore sensitive to disorders. Accordingly, babies and toddlers can suffer from numerous digestive difficulties such as colic, constipation, and dietary intolerances. Understandably, parents are often desperate to find ways to relieve their distressed child from pain. Although the situation might initially seem hopeless, nature and science provide powerful means to naturally, yet effectively regulate an infant’s digestive discomfort and to alleviate pain.  

Drawing of digestive tract
Babies' digestive system
Drawing of crying baby face
Babies' digestive problems
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Natural regulators
Drawing of a microscope and a plant

Why the digestive system matters so much

The digestive system is exposed to a complex interplay of various external and internal influences and is therefore characterised by enormous sensitivity. Since its main function is the fragmentation of foods into absorbable nutrients, nutritional diet is a major factor affecting not only energy and growth levels, but also digestive well-being in general. In addition, the digestive system also influences or reacts to lots of other conditions. Stress and anxiety, and lack of sleep are examples of only some factors that may cause imbalances. Taking all this into consideration, it leaves no doubt of the great importance of a healthy, properly functioning digestive system. Babies’ immature alimentary systems require especially great care and support – not only for the baby’s immediate digestive comfort, but also for future intestinal health and well-being.

Mother kissing the belly of her baby
Babies' digestive comfort


It is perfectly normal that children suffer from digestive problems – particularly at the beginning of life. Therefore, we provide an overview about common functional gastrointestinal disorders and natural measures for relief. For a deeper insight, an infographic about infantile colic as well as an infographic about constipation can be downloaded, too. Among others, these include the problem’s symptoms, information about its prevalence, and possible management options. To view and download the documents, please click here: 
Infographic functional gastrointestinal disorders
Infographic infantile colic
Infographic constipation