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Infant feeding, child health and development – find everything at a glance in our glossary, in videos and animations or as downloadable infographics, tables, and paper synopses. Some of our material is also available in German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Polish will follow soon.

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Explore short explanations on terms related to child health, nutrition in early life, and the composition of breast milk. Terms include nutrients, health and legal organisations, gastrointestinal disorders, as well as their abbreviations. We continuously work on this section; it is expanding rapidly.

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Paper synopses - summaries of scientific expert papers

Paper synopses are one-page summaries of selected scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals. You will easily find your way to the original paper if it is available open access or you can gain insights into the publication if it is on-purchase only. We selected papers that we think are particularly relevant for you as healthcare professional. The topic range is wide, mirrors topics on the Institute’s portal and will be continuously expanded. 

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