Baby milestones
from conception to the first birthday

Pregnancy and the first year of life are crucial periods for the development of a human being. During this time, infants undergo enormous changes and pass many essential milestones. The timing is unique to each child: one child may reach a milestone early, another later. It is also not unusual for infants to regress in one skill or another from time to time. Consequently, any milestones that are set – as well as the recommendations for related supporting nutrients – represent a general guideline only. It should always be kept in mind that it is the trend that matters: an infant should progress from one stage to another in a fairly continuous manner. Delays in reaching certain milestones generally do not mean that an infant will be advanced or delayed later in life.

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By nature, pregnancy is a very complex process: in approximately 40 weeks, body and brain undergo countless developmental stages and set the very foundation for a healthy growth path.

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0-3 months

Moving from the uterus to the outside world, newborns first need to adapt to their new surroundings. The maturation of basic reflexes such as sucking and swallowing is of vital importance.

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3-6 months

The baby is growing and learning fast: while strong bones and muscles are built and the first teeth begin to show, the baby recognises and imitates its first behavioural patterns.

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6-9 months

Due to the progression of its cognitive development, the baby understands more and more verbal language and begins to evolve communicative skills such as responding with gestures.

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9-12 months

This period includes two major baby milestones: the baby can be assisted to take its first steps and starts to speak its first words. This clearly adds independence, which can also be observed in other parts of everyday life.

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12 months and older

With the first birthday, the child enters the toddler stage, which is characterised by an even higher level of independence than before. Walking and the ability to participate in two-way communication are namely its next major accomplishments.

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