The power of nature
and science

We believe that a natural, healthy development is best for the child. Science substantially contributes to the understanding of the mechanisms behind natural health solutions, and therefore, a synergistic view of nature and science is indispensable. In this way, the NaturScience approach not only adds value by improving the effectiveness of natural, convenient helpers, it also reduces the negative side-effects of treating babies' and toddlers' health issues.

Drawing of crawling and standing baby
Nutrients for
natural growth
Drawing of a mother breastfeeding her baby
Drawing of digestive tract
Natural helpers for babies' digestion

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Breastfeeding benefits
Breastfeeding benefits download 470 KB / pdf
Breastfeeding tips
Breastfeeding tips download 640 KB / pdf
Functional gastrointestinal disorders
Functional gastrointestinal disorders download 400 KB / pdf
Infantile colic
Infantile colic download 373 KB / pdf
Constipation download 372 KB / pdf
Natural helpers for infant digestion
Natural helpers for infant digestion download 150 KB / pdf