We believe in the unity
of nature and science

A famous biologist once said, ‘The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it’. This clearly emphasises that nature and science exist in unity. Consequently, in order to master the complex nutritional challenges of babies’ development, a holistic view of the principles and benefits of nature and science is needed: an integrative and complementary way of thinking that makes two parts one. Rooted in this understanding of deep interrelation, we clearly follow a combined approach and see ourselves as ambassador of the unity NaturScience.

Supporting babies’ natural and healthy growth paths

In order to give babies and toddlers optimal support on their physiological growth path, the Institute NaturScience provides valuable knowledge on early human nutrition topics. Only when we consider the developmental path of the child in its overall context, is it possible to find natural, scientifically proven solutions that benefit the child in an effective yet gentle way.

Happy and healthy baby
Supporting babies’ natural and healthy growth paths

A reliable partner for
healthcare professionals

Being an ambassador of the unity NaturScience, our institute seeks to be a trustworthy partner for healthcare professionals and aims to assist them in their daily work with mothers and children. In this way, we support healthcare professionals in their role as advisers to families – always having in mind the promotion of babies’ optimal development. Our aim is to promote the exchange of scientific thoughts and research, stimulate the sharing of experiences, and raise awareness about healthy early human nutrition.

Paediatrician advising a mother and her baby
A reliable partner for healthcare professionals